Company Overview

Stairs Project Management (SPM) is a diversified Project Management (PM) company for commercial, retail and large residential construction related projects. SPM has provided successful PM services to Owners, Franchisees, General Contractors and other Project Management Companies for over 32 years.

SPM Staff are skilled in completion of Restaurant, Entertainment, Retail and Condominium construction projects. Services provided vary based on the needs and desires of the Client. All services are provided with the highest level of confidence. Communication to the Client is important to our services and is highly maintained throughout each project.

We have successfully completed numerous commercial and retail projects throughout North America. Our ability to represent our Client is performed with the understanding that each project will be successfully finished so that all parties involved are satisfied with the services provided and the level of completion of the project.

Our ultimate goal is to provide PM Construction Services so each project is successfully finished in a timely and costly manner, open for business and all parties are moving forward to work on the next successful project together.